Sakaguchi On Reviving Lost Odyssey And Blue Drag [Interview Via Bloomberg]


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Sakaguchi also said he has no interest in bringing older games such as Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon to modern platforms, despite recent rumors suggesting otherwise. He does want to find a way to revive the strategy game Terra Battle, which was released for phones in 2014 but is no longer playable.

Meanwhile, the legendary designer is working on another project. Although Sakaguchi had once thought that Fantasian might be his final game, he now says that he is finalizing the story for a new title with Mistwalker. The company recently filed a trademark for “Fantasian Dark Edge,” suggesting that a sequel is in the works, although he wouldn’t get into specifics. “We’ll say it’s something new, for now,” he said.

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A fantastian sequel is Big W but not wanting Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon on modern platforms is also as big as an L.

Bruh no way Sakaguchi wants to port a mobile game that cant be accessed over Lost Odyssey.

That game is landlocked to x360 with Xbox offereing backwards compatibility.

I need it on PC