Harada Claims Devs Loves Anna Despite People Thinking Otherwise


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By the way, there is a small group of people who believe that Anna is not loved by the development team and they even say that Anna is hated [by the] dev team," Harada wrote. "Well, it doesn't matter, Because it's NOT true at all, but the Anna portrayed in the story of TEKKEN is filled with a lot of thoughts and feelings from me and the animation staff."


Originally, Nina was very popular with players since the beginning of Tekken. There is a yin and yang to things, and Anna's popularity was often contrasted with Nina's," Harada said. "Back in Tekken 1 and 2, many mid-boss characters were 'convertible character' to other characters, but we wanted to make Anna from Tekken 3 as unique as possible to gain popularity."

I really hope this his way of teasing she may be a part of Season 1 banner because it would be very difficult to wait another year for her.

I really like playing with Anna. her sexiness comes as a bonus
He has bee a staple of the series. I dont why people would think that.

She is definetly coming to tekken 8 . Only a matter of when