GTA 5 DLC: Parts of It Made Its Way to GTA Online, Online Being a “Cash Cow” Cause of Cancellation


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While Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) isn’t a small game by any means, it seems we could have gotten a lot more if it outside of the main story mode if GTA Online didn’t explode in popularity. This was something former Rockstar dev Joseph Rubino revealed recently, as well as the reason why the GTA 5 DLC plans were scrapped.

Speaking in a video interview, Rubino, who worked as the Senior Camera Artist and Virtual Cinematographer for Rockstar from 2010 to 2016, mentioned that the reason why the planned GTA 5 DLC was scrapped was due to GTA Online being so successful that Rockstar had doubts the DLC would be able to compete with it. “When GTA Online came out, it was so much of a cash cow and people were loving it so much that it was hard to make an argument that a standalone DLC would out-compete that,” says Rubino.

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What a waste, the cancelled DLCs could ve the most brilliant things to ever happen to this game, the North Yankton DLC being an extension to the map sounded soo freaking good man
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Can they not release the DLC now, i mean Online is fun but we need more for the main story as well
I just finished the main story of GTA-V cuz i never played it before, bought the game and just played online. the main story was so good and i kept wishing there was more to it.