Dragon Age Veilguard Difficulty Options And Customization Via Game Informer


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There's another difficulty option called Unbound, though, allowing players to customize their gameplay experience to their liking. You can adjust how wayfinding helps you in-game; there's aim assistance and even an auto-aim option. You can adjust combat timing to make parrying easier or harder, with a balanced, forgiving, and a third harder option. You can change how much damage your enemies do to you, and how much damage you do to enemies by adjusting their health. There's also an option to adjust enemy pressure. And, if you're not interested in death-related setbacks, there's a no-death option you can turn on.


"[None of these options] are a cheat," Busche tells me. "It's an option to make sure players of all abilities can show up."

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. And, if you're not interested in death-related setbacks, there's a no-death option you can turn on.

I wonder if we can change parameters midgame because this option is a blessing to overcome an artificial difficulty bull-encounters
Adjusting Health and Pressure is great. Making enemies less spongie and making them deal higher damage would be great.

At the same time I wonder if we can customize the input of slower and faster enemies?
Slower should hit harder with higher health while opposite for smaller and faster enemies.

if the parameters effect all enemies it wont be as fun as it seems
Thats interesting. But I hope they didn't made other difficulties too easy for the sake of accessibility
I like creativity here. Instead of normal difficulty options, we are getting another option that lets us decide on the difficulty. I think Witcher 3 offered some kind of flexibility, too, in that regard, but this is really good.

Deciding how hard the game should be by setting our own parameters is great. A hard difficulty would make everything hard but this can most likely let me to only set few things harder than others in order to not make the experience a chore