After Initial Success, Helldiver’s 2 Has Lost 90% Of Its Players With No Signs Of Recovery


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There is always some annoyance when playercount declines are brought up in the gaming space, but in this case, it’s a fairly significant story. We’re not talking about Starfield losing 90% of its players since launch as a single player game. Rather, this is Helldivers 2, which was meant to be Sony’s big proof of concept it can make a big impact in the live space.

But a few months after launch, the game has seen extremely steep declines, and despite new additions and galactic war plot turns, nothing is reversing course.

The simultaneous release of Helldivers 2 on PlayStation and PC helped make it a huge hit, especially on PC where it hit 458,709 concurrent players two weeks after launch. But that was indeed the peak, and it has declined 90% in four months, down to 44,093 peak concurrent players. As such, it is routinely outside the top 10 list, and is #58 in top sellers on the service. The most-viewed Twitch stream of the game at this moment has 56 viewers.

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They shot themselves in the foot with this one, as if the account requirement wasn't already bad enough LMAO
Delisting the game in over 100+ countries after that? Arrowhead deserves better than this, I hate the upper brass at Sony
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Live service sustainability is a joke to Sony, was bound to happen with the delisting of the game in several countries smh
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'Again, like I say in the piece, it’s a different scenario when Sony is trying to find long-term, significant success with a live game, and Helldivers 2’s current model of minor additions and new gear to spend medals on has not moved the needle.'

Tassi stating the unspoken truth here, the progression loop desperately needs a new layer of innovation or nuance here otherwise, even I got tired of playing it after the 30 hour mark on the second highest difficulty
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>Surprisingly pushes out an amazing GaaS game with an engaging community

Also Sony:
>Makes several of my friends be unable to buy it on Steam

Brilliant move.
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I dont believe Helldivers 2 can recover unless they re-enlist the game In those 100+ countries again because I at least know these countries had a TON of dedicated players, all who got shafted