How Do I Kill Aging Untouchables In Elden Ring?


These guys enemies are impossible to kill in Abyssal Woods. is there are specific method to kill them?
Parrying at the right time

you cand o it from small shields or parry daggers..

if you have Golden Parrry ash of war . Use that instead
Aging untouchables can be killed via parry
equip a small shield with a buckler's parry or any parry dagger and you can easily get the parry timing in.

parry timing is also not very strict just do it as soon as they start the attack animation with delay and you'll get it.

Golden Parry and Carian Retaliation are even better and work on medium sheilds as well. So you havecoule of options to tackle. The choosing is of your own


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+1 for the Buckler, parrying them with it is fairly easy.

Though TBH, killing them isn't really worth it, you'll probably only run through the forest once on the way to the manse and only one of them drops anything of note, the Aged One's Exultation Talisman that's only useful for super niche Madness builds.
Parry via small shield a>
The timing is honestly very forgiving. Only couple of attempts needed