[Exclusive] Final Fantasy XIV Mobile Is in Development


[Credible Leaker]

eXputer has learned that Final Fantasy XIV Mobile is currently in development. As per the site's sources, bringing the popular MMORPG to mobile devices is a joint project of Square Enix and Tencent.

In 2018, both companies signed a letter of intent to form a strategic alliance, and in 2021, Yosuke Matsuda, then President of Square Enix, confirmed that some projects were underway. To date, none of these projects have been officially announced.

Earlier this year, Reuters reported that in December 2023, Tencent canceled an unannounced mobile game based on Square Enix's popular franchise 'NieR' due to challenges in finding a compelling monetization model.
I've enjoyed FF15 Pocket Edition and Square Enix delivered a lot of quality mobile games in the past.

I wonder what Tencent's involvement means for this, though. Will it be a port with downgraded graphics that essentially lets you continue playing on the go? If so, how would it handle controls? Or maybe it's just a standalone experience?
Thats great news. I hope there is crossave so I can access my character from anywhere.

Thats gonna drive in many players fast. I dont think any existing players will want to do it all over again
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Yooo damn, I still need to catch up with my Endwalker MSQ and then Dawntrail
But this great for people who want to play on the go!
interested t see what the game looks like on mobile devices
Well tencent made PUBG mobile which was not a bad port, a really enjoyable experience of a battle royale on a handheld device. fingers crossed for this port
As long as the original team of FF14 is the one leading the production of this port, I ll trust in the quality that they put out, even if it ends up being slightly or barely rough
+1 on this, emphasis on "as long as the original team is leading"
The only thing they need to balance is microtransaction thing,

This could blow in their face if not done right
Sisters weird looks about my characters werent enough now that strangers in public will be giving me the same on how my character looks lol
Dont know how largely this will differ in scale with the OG ff14 but eh, hope it works out, FF14s resurgence since the days of A Realm Reborn are commendable as hell

Wishing Yoshi P and his team the best!
"The "Nier" mobile game's development had made significant progress before it was axed, including a playable internal demo that showcased its robust designs in both story and combat, one of the people said.
The cancellation of "Nier" has not led to any job losses because employees are allowed to transfer to other Tencent units, the people said."

glad to know that they did not cut off any developer, rather they were transferred to other tencent units